Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yesterday just got away from me

I finnished scanning Diane's book yesterday and putting it back together. I need to adjust the picture pages, and some of the other pages are really crooked....but that is done. I'll fine tune it later today if I can stand looking at the computer that long.

I finished the next newsletter in Meanor Beginnings and will post some thoughts on it in a separate entry following this one.

I have had no new e-mails for a while. I guess everyone has forgotten about me for the moment. Time to make more e-mail karma. I have found when things get slow if I do so findagrave work it builds more e-mail Karma. I don't think I'll do it today though. I am so worn out from the week that I am sure I'll take a nap later. I got to run to the store this morning to get a card for Dad then it's out to Mom and Dad's for the rest of the day. Nick is going to make old fashioned Shepard's Pie for Dad, and he needs to put the lights on the trailer. I don't know if I will accomplish much today with it being Father's Day.

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