Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Why am I Here, and What am I doing

I decided I needed a place where I could keep track of my genealogy research, that I could access anywhere. It would also be nice if I could share it with others more easily. So here I am.

Today my goals were to up date g-grandpa Homer's findagrave memorial with his DSC citation, and link the stillborn to him and g-grandma Basil. I also wanted to start this blog, a recommendation of Robert Regan of Because I believe everything must happen in threes my third goal is to actually start tackling the Meanor Beginnings newsletters with fervor.

So how am I doing? work this morning is done. Blog is created. So on to Meanor Beginnings. I haven't decided if I am going to work on sheets or if I want to just delve right into a new PAF or FTM file. I would prefer to only have to enter the information once so perhaps I'll start with paper and move forward from there. It may be helpful to just bind a bunch of family group sheets in to a kind of workbook.....mmmm I like that idea.

A workbook...I could put in family group sheets, a five gen chart, and note pages. The problem is knowing what I will need for each listing. Maybe if I group them and add cross referencing of some kind...

....and the mad graphic designer is off to the copier.

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