Thursday, June 18, 2009

Wookbook progress and Findagrave

O.K. So I have the workbook almost put together. I just need a couple of more things and then I am ready to rock 'n roll. I should be done with it today. If I understand the the blog thing correctly I could post the workbook to the blog when I get it done. I'll put that on my to do list.

Today I wanted to add a memorial for g-grandpa Jesse Leon Basil on findagrave. It is up, but it is a long way from pretty. Tomorrow I want to add his picture and a picture of his headstone. The headstone picture I have may not be a complete picture in which case I will request a picture. I also need to add pictures to both of my grandmother's memorials, and to Grandpa Wright's memorial. I need to add g-grandma Basil's parents....findagrave only allows for one set of parents. I think I'll put a link in the text to solve the problem. I need to check out how Robert Regan makes short URLs for this.

I hope to scan and compile the McTeer-Mateer book today. That is a project for work...maybe I'll just go in after hours tonight and get it done.

Yesterday I got the Meanor stuff from Diane Wilson printed, and the Linn stuff from Diane Linn downloaded and printed. I still need to get the Teal Suit picture of Mom and the Johnson letter printed. The Johnson Letter may be a good one to attach to the blog. It is a brief tidbit on the Frank Meanor family.

Just a thought, I should probably make a CD of each family group folder. That way it is backed up in a more logical manner. .....mmmm add CD's to the shopping list.

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