Sunday, September 5, 2010

Summer Full of Suprises

If you haven't noticed I have been absent for awhile. My genealogy quest, however, continued. Here is the run down.

Joan sent us pictures of John...not sure who all the people are, but I am working on getting them scanned to be posted later.

Found grandma Ruscetta thanks to Joyce....we finally got in contact with her.

Dad hasn't been doing well. So we had an impromptu to family gathering that was actually scheduled for the following week. It all worked out though. Nick started passing a kidney stone just before the photographer arrived and I took him home so he could rest, so he missed the pictures. Bob is in charge of the next one if Dad dies, if Dad doesn't I am in charge of the next one.

Traced the Davison line back and found the origins of the Indian attack story, but I still don't know exactly how it connects. I have a theory, but I am not going to voice it until I can back it up. I don't want to be miss quoted.

Still looking for John Watson. Teton-Newdale put up the internment board, but John is not listed. I pulled a list of cemeteries off the internet for Fremont county. I am going to check them one by one. Still have not heard from the Farnum sexton.I have a strong feeling that I will find a stone for him. It is just a matter of looking. Ran across a descendant of John's by the name of Chad, apparently he has run across the same problems I am encountering.

I decided to give more attention to the twelve grandparents Nick and I have between us. I have started compiling a list of all the information I have and what I need to look for. I then realized that I don't even have names for two of them...not that they have ever treated Nick as family.

I did a photo transcription that I am still working through on Sugar City Cemetery block 4, but should have everything posted shortly.

On top of everything else I have been horribly sick twice this summer. As I am the provider for our household it has taken a tremendous toll. Well, that is the update. Perhaps I will be able to post on at least a weekly basis going forward.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Braithwaite Reunion!!

Are you decended from Roland and Hannah Askew Braithwaite? If so, do I have news for you. A reunion is being planned for July 8th and 9th, 2011 in Manti, Utah. I'll post more details as they come available. The Twigs and Branches... book is being updated as well, and a new Braithwaite web site is being worked on. If you want to include your work on the family, contact me directly and I'll get you in touch with the coordinator.

As soon as I know more I'll pass it along. I'll even post the web address as soon as it's up.