Wednesday, December 30, 2009

John Watson Napier

John Watson Napier
Born: 06 Oct 1850 in Oakley, Carnock, Fifeshire, Scotland
Parents: James Watson Napier and Agnes Brown Watson
   Note: Napier is a title, a kind of Earlship
Married: Agnes McKinlay on 27 Mar 1874 in Cowdenbeath, Beath, Fife, Scotland
   Had seven children, James Robert, John, Isabelle, Agnes Euphemia, George Albert, and a stillborn male.
Have his immigration records as preserved by the LDS church.
Died: 12 Mar 1910 in Farnaum, Fremont, Idaho, USA

So where am I in the verifications of John's burial in Farnum? .....No where. He is listed in the Idaho State Death Index as being buried in Farnum Cemetery. So Mom, Dad the girls andI made a trip a couple of summers ago to the cemetery, and took a visual transcription. I put my findings on, but John's grave, if he is there, is not marked. I found the obituary for John. It says that he was buried in St. Anthony. A call to the sexton proved that this is not so. I called the Idaho State Historical Society. They have a visual transcription....been there done that. I did a web search, and only came up with visual transcriptions. I have a call into the Farnum Sexton, but have not heared anything yet....yes it has a sexton even though it is considered to be abandoned. So where does that leave me?

....You would think that verifying a burial so close to my home would be easy. Ha!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Where to find Meanor Beginnings early editions

I am not sure about whether or not it is alright to distribute this information. To me genealogy means sharing what you know with cousins you didn't know you had. I recently contacted the originator of Meanor Beginnings, but was made to feel unwelcome to sharing information. I feel I have a lot to give, but was treated very differently than what I would have expected. I had gathered from the newsletters that they were wanting and giving all information Meanor. However, my experiance makes me wonder if I unintentionally stepped on someones toes. Meanor Beginnings is still going strong today, but it is now in a closed forum to which I am not invited.

I still feel that I should share the information I have, so I will readily part with my source.....aka the location.... if asked off the blog for those looking for Meanor ancestors. Therefore, anyone wanting the early editions, please contact me via e-mail placing Meanor Beginnings in the subject line.

Like wise, anyone working the Peart / Meanor connection....Diane and I would love to share as we are each decended from a different pair.

Meanor Pictures are Returned

Well, it took me just about forever, but I got Diane's pictures back to her just after Thanksgiving. She was excited to see the scan and image restoration that I was able to do on the tin type. I got to meet her daughter, too. It was a good visit though no genealogy was exchanged, mabey next time.