Friday, June 19, 2009

The Workbook is in beta stage.

Well I am officially using my workbook, but I am still working on the binding issue. For the beta version I am going to put it in a three ring binder. I have a pretty cool one that allows for me to carry all sorts of stuff with it. Everything zips closed so I don't have to worry about loose pages. This will give me some flexibility while I decide how I am really going to use the workbook. At the end of each month I can bind up what I actually used, and use leftover forms, if any, in the next month. This will save on waste and give me a solid reference of what I have done and when. Combine that with the blog, and I think my sources will be stronger.

I am using ready made forms for this version. As a graphic designer though, I'll make my own as I go along. I already put in my forms for cemetery transcriptions. No since in going backwards there. I definitely don't like the family group sheets I am using for the beta. There is no room or place for notes. The multiple marriages are listed on the back of the sheet instead of any where near the individual. Sourcing is difficult unless you use an new form for each source...what a pain in the neck. It is going to be a long difficult road to get where I need to be, but a road well worth the travel.

Thinking of sources, I want to go through my files and double check that everything is sourced. I seem to have lost a lot of links to the sources when I changed from PAF to FTM. Either that or I just didn't realize that my source work was so poor before. I really notice any lack of sourcing with FTM. There is a lot to be said about the differences in the two. I really like the graphic interface of FTM, but it was easier to get around in PAF. FTM however is more where I need to be to grow for now.

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