Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Trip to Remember for a Long Time to Come

I was able to make a trip to Smith Prairie for the spreading of Great Uncle Curtis Jarvis's remains. It was a fantastic trip. I took a ton of pictures, and video, and more pictures. I visited Moris Hill Cemetery and Dry Creek Cemetery in Boise. I visited Smith Prairie Cemetery, the three most important family homesteads, plus the ranch. I got to see family, and meet cousin I had only heard about.

I visited with my Aunt Lois, who sent a ton of pictures home with me going back 5 generations. I visited with Uncle Dean, and talked about the where some of the old homesteads were. I was given Grandpa Homer S. Jarvis's purple heart. I brought home Grandpa Davison's discharge papers, Great Grandpa Jarvis's discharge papers, my grandmother's journal, and her grandmother's journal, as well as countless other precious documents. 

I am overwhelmed with it all, but don't have time to absorb what treasures I collected as I have to return all of it except the purple heart in two weeks.

I was also able to get parts for the motorcycle Nick is restoring for me, and give the girls a trip to remember. I also got to introduce the girls to their Uncle Donny, the same way I know him...a headstone in a cemetery.