Saturday, July 11, 2009

With Love from Norma

I met Norma Dart, and a friend from Scotland (who's name I didn't catch), in Blackfoot on Thursday with Mom and the girls. Norma is an Ireland/Marker... Anyway she brought a gallon baggie full of Marker, Davison and Ireland pictures. I got to bring them home to scan and send back to her. Now to find the time...

I also took pictures of Family Group Sheets that go back farther than Jens Peder Marcher (Jens Peter Marker). She gave me sheets on how to look up land pattens for Idaho with information on our Smith Prairie families pattens. She had a map which she has worked hard to fill in the who had what originally. I took a picture of it, but there was a lot of glare problems. I am not sure of some of the information on it as the homesteads for Wiley and Davison seem too close together. I'll need to do some verifications.

Susan Sharp got my autographed copy of Norma's Danskin Canyon book. Norma brought me another one and signed it exactly the same way as she signed the first one. She also gave me a second signed copy.

All in all a great visit and information exchange.

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