Sunday, October 4, 2009

Smith Prairie Historical Society

Norma sent me a couple of e-mails this week. One is an invitation to join the Smith Prairie Historical Society(SPHS). I haven't made up my mind about htis one yet, but it got me thinking. Where is all my hard work going to go when I die? I know I want the girls to each have a copy of it, but I think a copy of at least Mom's side should go to the SPHS. They are gaining strength so I should think they will be around when I pass on...

The SPHS has a web site up and running. For thouse intrested, plesase go to

I didn't see anything there for membership into the organization...that doesn't mean its not there me directly if you want an aplication...and can't find one. I
ll be more than happy to forward the one Norma sent me to you.

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